Our World Has Changed.
 It's Time Your Approach Did Too.

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Retirement Ain't What It Used To Be!
Retirees face a new set of challenges in the 21st Century. Increases in life expectancy, failing pension plans, rising healthcare costs, market volatility, tax reform, law changes, instability of government programs, growing national debt, and threats of terrorism have created a paradigm shift in the needs, goals, and concerns facing retirees in the new reality. 
New Factors Have Created the Need for a New Approach
As trends, factors, and issues have changed over time, the financial industry continues to promote the same traditional planning methods that were introduced before the new reality even existed. Just as we update our cell phones, computers, cars, and homes, it is important to update your financial approach to align with current conditions. 
Retirement Innovation in the 21st Century was designed to create awareness of the growing dangers facing traditional planning concepts, explore the changes important to today's retirees, and introduce updated solutions now being used by others around the world.  
This educational course will teach you how to navigate your retirement in the new reality, understand pitfalls to avoid, and learn how updated options can help you enhance your finance into the future.
"There is never a bad time to innovate."
~ Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, Inc.


New Trends, Problems, Options, and Solutions 
New factors have changed the retirement landscape creating new concerns, issues and opportunities for retirees. Learn how others are applying an updated approach to align with these new trends and address planning needs through new solutions
New Ways to Reduce and Eliminate Tax 
The "Tax Cuts and Job Act" introduced the most substantial tax reform in 30 years lowering tax rates for millions of Americans. Learn how you can use this bill to prepare for the increase in tax rates expected to occur when this bill expires in 2025
Enhancing Income 
in the New Reality
Traditional income approaches like the popular "4% Rule" have come under scrutiny as the economic landscape has changed. Discover an innovate income approach designed to your enhance cash flow without worry of  stock market moves or interest rate trends. 
Social Security
How to Maximize Benefits and Income
The "Social Security Act of 2100" is the pending reform proposal trying to repair the program and keep it solvent.  Learn about the recent changes in Social Security rules and how this proposed reform could impact your situation. 
"To change your results, you must first change your approach."
~ Jim Rohn


The New Insanity of Traditional Investing
Traditional investing concepts like Asset Allocation with Buy-and-Hold were first introduced over 60 years ago before factors like personal computing, online investing, mobile technology, 401k programs, and other factors that now impact our markets even existed. Learn about the possible dangers facing the continued use of traditional investing methods and a new approach designed to adapt a portfolio as markets change. 
Is your IRA an IOU 
to the IRS?
The Secure Act recently passed by the House is set to impose changes to IRA accounts and rules regarding distributions during a lifetime and death. IRA's are one of the most regulated types of accounts creating the potential for either costly mistakes or planning opportunities. Learn how to use the rules that impact your IRA and what steps to take to manage it in the most tax-efficient manner possible for you and loved ones. 
New Factors, Trends, 
and Ways to Protect
We have found that people are often completely unaware of the true impact a long-term health care need can have on an entire family.Over time, the factors, concerns, and issues related to this growing danger has changed while new regulations, incentives and solutions have emerged. Learn how old methods once promoted to protect have faded away and explore a new approach now being used to prepare for this potential. 
Leave a Legacy 
and Keep Control
The focus of estate planning has evolved over the past 20 years from the desire to minimize estate taxes to enhancing an estate and keeping  control from the grave. Based on increasing rates of divorce, bankruptcy, lawsuits, and spendthrift children, retirees are seeking ways to protect their legacy from outside forces and leave it behind in the most efficient way possible. Learn how to create a legacy based on your desires

"True wealth is what money can't buy and death cant take away."

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