Learn how to innovate 
your approach 
to retirement in the 
New Reality

new days - new factors - new solutions

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  • 3 New Ways to Protect and Grow in Turbulent Times 
  • ​An Investing Approach Designed to Profit in DOWN Markets
  • ​The Growing Danger Facing Traditional Investing Methods
  • ​An Updated Approach to Income Planning
  • Why This Could Be the IDEAL Time for Roth Conversions 
  • How Recent Rule Changes Have Impacted Social Security Planning 
"Change calls for innovation, and innovation leads to progress."
~ Li Keqiang
Enhance Your Finance in 2020
  • How to Make the Most of Your Medicare Planning 
  • ​The 3 Point Process Designed to Enhance Your IRA 
  • ​New Ways to Protect Against Changes in Long-Term Healthcare 
  • ​​The New Focus of Estate Planning 
  • ​2 Tax Strategies Using New Laws Designed to Reduce Your Payments 
  • ​ An Opportunity for Retirees Set to Disappear in 2025
Reality #1
New Days have Changed 
the Factors Influencing
Financial Planning Needs

Reality #2
New Trends have Caused 
Popular Traditional Methods 
to Become Outdated. 
Reality #3
New Solutions have
Emerged to Enhance 
Your Retirement 
  • RETIREMENT Innovation
  • INVESTMENT Innovation 
  • INCOME Innovation 
  • TAX Innovation 
  • SOCIAL SECURITY Innovation
  • ​IRA Innovation 
  • ​HEALTHCARE Innovation 
  • ESTATE Innovation 

"Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity."

Steve Jobs - founder of Apple, Inc.
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"True wealth is what money can't buy and death can't take away."

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